We Are Who We Become

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform them into the world.”

Maria Montessori


The Young School is celebrating our 25th anniversary as an innovative, independent Montessori school currently serving 1st-6th grade students of all denominations.

Each day we mentor students along individual learning trajectories with daily opportunities to think critically, and work collaboratively. 

The Young School is part of a worldwide Montessori community who believe that all children have an inherent passion for learning, and that teachers have a unique opportunity to fuel that passion into action. Rather than view education as something with a series of short-term goals, Montessori embraces a long-term holistic approach. 

The Young School alumni are successful in high schools, colleges and universities.  They excel academically in time management, organization, and pursue leadership positions.



    Micro School Macro Impact


Small By Design

Small class sizes naturally encourage more personalized teaching, experiential learning, innovative lessons and effective learning opportunites.




           Upcoming Events

April 23 The Young School at Calistoga Community Garage Sale 

April 28 Hip Hop Performance 2-3 pm

April 29 Noon Dismissal

May 6 May Pole Celebration

May 13 Family Camping Trip

May 25 Foreign Language Performance

May 26-27 Conferences